Holy Trinity is not just about lighting. Holy Trinity uses human gestures as the basis for product interface, an unprecedented new strategy, in order to create elevate the bond between human and product to a new level.


We produce unique design lamps with the aim of creating both visual beauty and a sensory experience.

Aesthetics is the search for beauty. As aesthetic beings, we feel everything that touches our senses, thus, the pursuit of harmony is paramount. We want to be in harmony with our environment and foster our well-being with positive surroundings.


We create a fascinating world that combines timeless design with the interplay between light and shadow.

We build fascination by interpreting light and shadow anew and turning lighting into a special experience.


We combine modern technology with familiar human gestures.

Our design lamps captivate not only through their elegance and timeless design, but also through their interface. We use familiar human gestures and reinterpret them in our inventive user interface.

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