New year, new technologies …

Digital Health, Smart Cities, 5G – Technologically speaking, 2019 has plenty to offer. We are already showing you which technical highlights you can look forward to in the new year.

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Withings „Sleep“

Without a doubt, peaceful sleep is the purest of luxuries. The smart sleep analysis system from Withings is carefully designed to ensure stress-free and restful nights. Just place the attentive sleep sensor under your mattress for a thorough analysis of your sleep quality, nocturnal movements and respiratory cycle. The data collected can be called up via app and used to continually optimise your sleeping habits through a free coaching program. Also noteworthy: Using IFTTT links (IFTTT stands for “If this then that”), the system can also be integrated into your smart home, so that when you wake up, your lights or the radio, for example, are automatically activated – and vice versa. What more could  you want?

Bose Home Speaker 500

Even though modern technology often seems complicated and broad, the biggest trend of 2019 is relatively simple: smart Bluetooth speakers with integrated voice assistant. Smart speakers are 2019’s equivalent of the DVD player back in 2002 and the smartphone in 2007. In addition to Harman / Kardon and Bang and Olufsen, audio specialist Bose has also rolled out a selection of smart speakers. With the Home Speaker 500, Bose has created a single loudspeaker capable of filling an entire room with sound: with two drivers mounted in opposite directions, the sound reverberates off of the walls, allowing the sound to fill even large rooms. Its milled aluminum body gives the Home Speaker 500 a sleek, futuristic look – very much to our taste at HOLY TRINITY. To make the Home Speaker 500 even smarter, it can also be connected to Amazon’s Alexa and, beginning in spring 2019,  Apple’s AirPlay2. So, all we have to say now is: Alexa, turn on the music.

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Dirt Devil Spider 2.0

Vacuum robots are nothing new, but we’re always glad to report new items that are not only smart, but also easy on the budget. Why clean, if it can be fully automatised? The Spider 2.0 by Dirt Devil, once turned on, makes its way through your home and detects obstacles such as furniture or stairs automatically. The small vacuum specialises in short and long-pile carpets and works with a 3-stage cleaning program for up to 90 minutes at a time. After the work has been done, the robot needs four hours to recharge before it’s on the move again. With this gadget, keeping on top of domestic chores is a breeze.


In 2019 HOLY TRINITY will be launching VARA, the intelligent smart-home luminaire which gives the user control over every single LED via smartphone. The individual modules can be linked to a floor, wall, hanging or table lamp, offering maximum flexibility in every room. Using the corresponding app, you can create different light scenarios, as well as save and call up previous light settings. In addition, the app monitors energy consumption, making a sustainable reduction in energy consumption simple. These features make our VARA not only smart and innovative, but also environmentally friendly.

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The COBI.Bike system connects smartphones with bikes, providing each bike, e-bike or not, with assistance functions. The smartphone is simply mounted in a docking station on the bicycle handlebar, where the phone can also be charged. With the corresponding app, information such as speed, live weather or personal performance can be called up on the display quickly and easily. Route planning and navigation are made easy through thorough voice instruction. For maximum comfort, you can control the app directly with a thumb controller on the handlebars. The sensors also automatically turn the front and rear lights on and off, when, for example, biking through a tunnel. The result: more safety, more comfort and more fun cycling.

Motiv Ring

The company Motiv wants to turn the existing market of classic fitness tracker completely upside down by redesigning the idea of the fitness tracker in 2019 – as a ring. On the finger, the stylish ring fulfills all the basic tasks of a conventional fitness and sleep tracker, but thanks to the subtle design, it is far simpler and adapts to every piece of clothing – no matter what you want to wear. It’s not for nothing that the company promises an intelligent ring that you never want to take off. Incidentally, even Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle should already be among the fans of the Smart Ring.

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