5 really good reasons to look forward to the fall.

That’s it! Late into September, the summer paid us a last visit, showing us her sunny best, but now the autumn is definitively upon us. Falling leaves, early sunset and the telltale, yet elusive scents of autumn that are so unmistakably in the air– all of these changes diffuse a subtle melancholy into our mood. But melancholy doesn’t always have to be negative. With the right attitude (and the right lighting), autumn may have much more to offer than we thought before.

We take more time for family and friends.


Sure, we should take time for friends and family all year round, but in the colder half of the year we usually experience more intensive hours together. Common dinners are usually more extensive than initially planned, coffee meet-ups and game night get-togethers come up more frequently. Not to mention the Christmas parties and encounters at the Christmas market, which pile up in the schedule from the end of November. But that’s a still far-off. Maybe we’re getting a little carried away. Or are we?

We prove more creativity at the stove.


On average, we spend four of seven evenings in restaurants during the summer– beer gardens or at a barbecue with friends. On the days that we are at home we usually decide against firing up the oven, temperatures being over 30°C and all. Now that it’s cooling down, we’re actually pretty excited about getting creative in the kitchen. Pumpkin, beetroot and mushrooms are literally screaming to be transformed into a delicious creamy risotto or soup. If you’re in a rush or just have no motivation to cook (we’ve all been there), the tried and true brick oven pizza in front of the TV is always there as a back-up.

Finally we can enjoy movie nights without a guilty conscience.

Finally, we have time for spontaneous outings to the movies or, better yet, extensive evenings on the couch, binge watching those series we fell behind on without that nagging feeling that we’re missing out on a glorious sunny evening on the terrace. AmazonPrime and Netflix will be producing a few new series this fall: in addition to the eight-part drama series The Romanoffs, we can look forward to the The Haunting of Hill House, the screen adaption of one of the most popular horror novels of the 20th century. ZDFneo will also have a promising line up for German television at the ready. In the series adaption of Perfume, the murderer is not lurking around  18thcentury France, rather in the Lower Rhine region of the present. Eerie, but exciting!

Less frightening, but all the better can be a few hours with a good book. Our favorite: 21 lessons for the 21st Century by bestselling author Yuval Noah Harrari. By the way, it reads much better under the right reading lamp.


Physical exercise and enormous sweats go separate ways again.

In the summer, sport is not only an enormous burden on the circulation, it is also not much fun to sweat more than necessary. In autumn, the regular sports program is much easier for us. Even extended walks are again much more pleasant. And let’s face it: what could be better than strolling through the forest in autumn? Not much, probably.

Warm light ensures the right mood.

We get it. In the summer, we spend too little time within our own four walls to worry about big redecorating projects. But with the beginning of autumn it’s worth taking the time to redesign a little. Therefore, in addition to decoration in warm, more muted colors, finally, one or the other new (design) piece of furniture may move in with us. We counteract the early nightfall with the right lighting. In order to provide the apartment with sufficient brightness and warmth, we furnish each room with the right light: The hanging lamp KALA looks particularly elegant over the dining area, RIMA supports us on long nights at the desk and the warm white light of our purist floor lamp ORON provides in the living room for the right amount of cosiness.

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