Our Top 3 Christmas markets in Dresden

Although the first Advent is already in the past, we still have more than a month left, to get infected by the Christmas euphoria that spills us for weeks from the media and shopping miles. And where better to get into the right Christmas mood than at a traditional German Christmas market — with Christmas music, a mulled wine in one hand and a bag of steaming donuts in the other hand. We’ll show you the places where you would most likely cross our path during Christmas season and take the opportunity to invite you to visit our showroom.

History and tradition on the Striezelmarkt

No matter how to look at it, there is literally no way to not visit the Striezelmarkt. Especially tourists seem to love the well-known Christmas market in Dresden. Maybe because he is considered to be the oldest documented Christmas market in Germany. Speaking of, the first Striezelmarkt was held in 1434.


But not only because of the history you definitely should do a little tour over the Altmarkt. The huge Schwibbogen on the entrance, as well as the huge pyramid and the „Dresdner Pflaumentoffel“ – a small man made of plums, which is to serve as a lucky charm of the market, are also worth a stopover. And if you are a fan of old traditions, the Dresdner Stollenfest on December 8th could be just the thing – tasting included.

Conclusion : At least once in a lifetime a must (and a good starting point for our Christmas tour through Dresden).

Open daily from 10 am to  9 pm

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If you stroll from the Striezelmarkt to Neumarkt or towards the Stallhof, you will pass our office. On the occasion, you can warm up with a cup of coffee while admiring our lamps. Send us a short message so we can receive you at the HOLY TRINITY Showroom at Kleine Brüdergasse 5.

Feast on the Neumarkt

Our next stop has been high on our list since last year. Especially for the connoisseurs among us (to which we would like to count), the traditional Christmas market next to the Frauenkirche is a paradise. It is best to take advantage of the opportunity to taste as many classic Dresden delicacies as possible: a original mulled wine, some delicious Pulsnitz gingerbread or the classic Dresdner hand bread – fresh from the oven and with a good dose of Creme Fraiche on Top. In addition to the dining stands you should visit the eight-meter-high pyramid, which is made up of handmade wooden figures and offers a fantastic view over the city.

Conclusion : With so much delicious food, it is difficult for us to leave. Great recommendation and our second place!

Open Sunday to Thursday from 10 am to 9 pm, Friday and Saturday from 10 am to 10 pm

Romantic atmosphere in the stable yard

The „Stallhöfisches Adventsspektakel“ around the Palace takes us a little more into the time of the Middle Ages. Fittingly, you’ll see artisans, jugglers and minstrels, drink another mulled wine from handmade clay cups and on top of that, try the best garlic bread in the city. The public bathhouse, consisting of two wooden taverns that can accommodate up to eight people, provides a place to refresh. The water temperature in combination with one or the other mulled wine guaranteed for inner warmth despite the winter minus degrees.

Conclusion: A small Christmas market that puts us in the right mood for Christmas. Our all-time favourite!

Open daily from 11am to 9.30pm

Just a little insider tip…

Christmas edition of the “Elbhangfest”

We are pretty sure that the people in Dresden know about the special charme of the Elbhangfest: Surrounded by half-timbered houses you will find small stalls, which mainly offer regional products. Near the Blue Wonder, the Loschwitz Christmas Market has been ensuring for some years that the romantic idyll will come to fruition even in the cold half of the year. The small market on the Elbe is therefore an insider tip among the people in Dresden and is definitely worth a visit.

Open from Dezember 1st to December 16th.


Geöffnet vom 1. bis 16. 12. 2018

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