Lighting is important. That’s a given. Light ensures well-being, joie de vivre, as well as inner and outer warmth. True though this is, the importance of light is often overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Conscious enjoyment of light is rare, as it usually fades into the background of long working days. But of course, in jobs and tasks that require full concentration and a clear mind, stepping on the brakes and taking a few hours for yourself is absolutely essential, and how better celebrate life than with fine wine and culinary delights from extraordinary restaurants?

Savouring your culinary experience

Though the coziness of home can make it hard to leave the house, it is worthwhile to venture out occasionally. You’ll thank yourself at the very latest once you’ve been seated at your table and are savouring the chef’s first amuse-bouche. The thought of burnt sauces and undercooked vegetables at home suddenly seems much less appealing. However, to enjoy the evening to the fullest, it is important to feel comfortable and choose the right spot.

Choosing a good restaurant

There is little worse than a restaurant with poor ambient, service or food. That’s why it’s good to keep your ears open. Can the new Italian place next door really keep up with the local pizzeria? Is the star restaurant two blocks away actually as good as you heard? If you are the type to try out recommendations from friends, magazines or blogs, you will rarely be disappointed. That being said, don’t let the menu be the only deciding factor. Consider the ambience as well to ensure it’s a good fit. Does the furniture look stylish? Does the lighting invite you to relax and linger? Because proper illumination is one of the decisive factors in the general well-being of the population in Denmark, many Danes take their time looking for a spot with the perfect lighting before settling on their dinner locale. As our previous post on Hygge (read more here) has taught us, sometimes we should do as the Danish do and spend some time looking for a restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere and a pleasant lighting concept (maybe with a KALA over the bar).

Lila Soße (Neustadt)

Lila Soße is located in the Kunsthof Passage, a premium location in the heart of Dresden’s hip Neustadt. The small restaurant offers new German cuisine in a cozy atmosphere. Dimmed lights, dark wood furniture and a large window front make Lila Soße our secret favorite. Be sure to try the homemade cheese spätzle with fried onions (and bacon) served in a mason jar.

© Lila Soße

Estancia Beef Club (Radeberger Vorstadt)

The Estancia Beef Club not only offers the finest beef from all over the world, but a tasteful industrial-style interior. The combination of high-quality leather, atmospheric lighting, good wine and even better food is incredibly stylish and modern. Don’t plan to go if you’re in a hurry, though. Make sure you visit Estancia with enough time to learn all about the different qualities of each type of meat.

© Estancia Beef Club

Cantina (Blasewitz)

The small Spanish tapas bar in Blasewitz is relatively new, but it is already quite high on our favourites list. The fantastic location between Dresden’s old villas, the harmonious furnishings and the warm greeting you receive ensure a fantastic evening. You’ll probably even want to return the very next day. Cantina’s tapas are the most delicious in the city. Here is just a sampling of our favourites: fresh bread with aioli, pickled feta with olives and prawns in garlic oil. We recommend the wine bar was well, which has a few precious gems of its own to discover.

© Cantina

Try unique food

Most people are creatures of habit. Nevertheless, we should step out of our comfort zones occasionally and experiment with unique dishes. In most cases, it is worthwhile to test local cuisine that is new to you. It may even inspire some changes in your own cooking. Should your culinary experiments take a turn for the worse though, at least it was a learning experience.

The best for last

After dinner, comes the icing on the cake—literally. Round off the evening with a sinful dessert. Again, be open and trust in the special culinary flair of local chefs for a truly unique dessert experience. Many of them spend hours concocting exciting new variations to delight their guests.

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