HOLY TRINITY’s design lamps

Interactive design lamps for visual beauty and a sensory experience

Highest quality of light

Discover the unique design lamp collection of  HOLY TRINITY® in our online shop.

RIMA creates light with a single hand motion.
  • Infinite light areas
  • Unique technology
  • Innovative design
  • Winner of the Red Dot Design Award
With elegant dynamic, KALA provides the perfect light for every room.
  • 52 LED light bar
  • Playful handling
  • Perfect simplicity
With an almost invisible mount, CARU offers a new dimension in which to shape light.
  • High flexibility
  • Unconventional applicability
  • Presentation on point

We utilise the latest technologies for the LED light bars of our design luminaires and guarantee excellent light quality, as well as high energy efficiency.

The minimal standing lamp, ORON offers users countless ways to take light into their own hands.
  • Subtle presentation
  • Maximum mobility
  • Puristic elegance
Through special sensors, AREA brings the user’s fantasies to life.
  • Interactive user experience
  • Contactless operation
  • Modular extensibility
Through the unity of design, modern technology and smart controls, VARA brings light to life via smartphone.
  • Modular design
  • Smart home lamp
  • Winner of the Red Dot Design Award

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