Design is not just design.
It is so much more. It can mean so much.
It is open, and at the same time closed like a book.
It surrounds you like perfume, if you choose to perceive it.
Design is the ultimate art of expression.


Leonardo da Vinci

Who’s behind the design at HOLY TRINITY®?

What is design?

Design spans over the fields of applied arts, engineering and ergonomics.

At the onset of the European industrial age, thought was also given to design, which dealt directly with the social, aesthetic and technological aspects of the time. The functionality of a product and a contemporary exterior were key factors.

Design is examination

Design requires the examination of many variables. Problems have to be considered, questioned and analysed from different perspectives.

The most important questions depend on the aim of the product. What should the product be able to do? Who should the product serve? Which quality standards must be met? Design thus provides an interface between the standard requirements of a product and the user’s desires.

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