Matthias Pinkert

“My motivation as a designer is to create a special relationship between a product and its user –one filled with harmony, effortlessness and expression.”

– Matthias Pinkert –

From Sketch…

Before our lamps go into mass production, there is usually a long period of idea gathering, development and product optimisation that occurs so that nothing is left to chance.

The first sketches and guiding concepts for a product come after extensive research into form and functional principles and the newest technology.

A three-dimensional model of the design helps us check the proportions, dimensions and most importantly, the feasibility of the idea from a construction standpoint.

The subsequent rendering of the final design allows us to test several variations, in order to achieve the best possible result.

Sketch VARA

High-quality and an extraordinary design

For more than eight years, Matthias Pinkert, the creative mind behind HOLY TRINITY®, has sought to realise his ideas in our products.

A born Dresdner, he has succeeded in elevating the bond between people and product to a new level. His knack for lateral thinking has enabled him to constantly reinvent the operational interface of objects. In his work, the studied Product Designer places great value on exceptional product quality and therein combines his years of artisanal experience with his flair for elegance and design.

…to finished Product

The final prototype, created through 3D printing, is our last check before a production-ready design is sent to the manufacturer for the first series.

Only when we are completely satisfied with the functionality, quality and durability of the first series, do our lamps go into mass production and become available for purchase in our shop.


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