The story of the HOLY TRINITY lights

Light is more than just the opposite of darkness for us. Light lives from cultural influences, their stories and people that shape them. At HOLY TRINITY® we combine our understanding of light with those of the cultures we discover in our travels to create our own unique company story. This story reveals how we experience the world, how different cultures have shaped and inspired us along the way and how we create products that reflect our journeys and experiences. As different as our products may be, they’ll always have one thing in common: a message for an open world in which freedom is man’s most important asset.

RIMA – The hand

RIMA, HOLY TRINITY’s signature light, unites all of the aspects that make our ideas so special: modern design, advanced technology and an interface that makes light tangible. RIMA is the first luminaire to succeed in redefining the relationship between user and product, and through just a simple motion. The idea of controlling light with a simple hand gesture came to us during a visit to Tahiti. Tahiti’s breathtaking landscape awakened in us a longing to feel the bright, calm aesthetic of the South Sea island even in everyday situations.

❞RIMA is the first luminaire to succeed in redefining the relationship between user and product, and through just a simple motion. ❝


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