Trend colors 2020: Expressive accents


We have already reported on the latest design trends here. But, what we haven’t paid attention to so far are the color accents. So much is revealed: 2020 will be expressive.

Trend color 1: Honey Yellow – Creative and radiant

According to the color theory a pure yellow is the color of creativity. By 2020, the hue will provide a slightly diminished level of creative enlightenment. After the Gen-Z Yellow trend, a warm honey yellow brings positive energy to the kitchen, office or entrance area. Inspired by earthy tones and a nostalgic mood arises a sun-drenched color nuance that imposes a gentle liveliness and appeal on furniture. Irrespective of the fact that yellow is considered to be a difficult-to-use color in interior design, bright colors illuminate a room and thus intensify its expressiveness. Soft yellows often make a room look even and even, while stripes and patterns exude style and extravagance.

Trend color 2: Neo Mint – relaxing and modern

Not only colors and color trends change over the course of time, the meaning behind it also experiences a change now and then. Neo Mint is the new definition of mint green, which also influenced color theory at the beginning of the new decade. The delicate shade embodies the pursuit of neutrality and independence from classic gender roles. A refreshing touch of futurism combined with soothing elements of nature. Thus, at the level of macro trends, Neo Mint seems to be the color interface between the pursuit of progress on the one hand and the desire for serenity on the other.

The multi-layered level of meaning opens up a variety of possibilities to insert the hue in the spatial environment: In order to fully unfold, Mint needs a harmonious foundation. Additional colors and materials should therefore be carefully coordinated. As a pastel tone, mint green is suitable as a delicate accent color on textiles or carpets. An eye-catching and daring wall design is all the more exciting when the room is fundamentally neutral. But the game with different shades of green can make a room interesting and provide variety.

In 2020 we move away from strong colors. Instead, we rediscover muted yet warm shades.

Trend color 3: Dusk Blue – Restrained and stable

In Tibetan Buddhism, blue is called the color of wisdom. In 2020, the trend color comes in a pale, slightly violet tone that gives us the feeling of peace and stability. The lightness and restrained elegance of the rather cool blue tone creates a gentle and calming mood without leaving a room looking cold. Instead, the stylish nuance of color creates a spatial balance that also translates to your own psyche. The positive psychological effect is only one of the many reasons why twilight blue is our trend color for 2020: transformed as a rich color accent in the kitchen, bathroom or living room.

The positive psychological effect is only one of the reasons why twilight blue is our trend color for 2020. ❝

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Trend color 4: Terracotta – soothing and optimistic

2020 is the year where the connection between man and nature comes back into focus: Terracotta reflects the search for the return of man to nature. The lively color mix of earth tones, which is somewhere between a warm orange and a strong brown, is reminiscent of a more sensual representation of the fire. The sturdy natural material of fired clay was originally used for the manufacture of vessels, bowls and other ceramic objects; but has also been used in design for centuries. Meanwhile, terracotta has become a statement – in the surface design of objects, in textiles, in furniture or on the walls. The different color gradations provide soft and warm accents that fill a room with almost timeless beauty.

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