In 2006, the United Nations called for planting a billion trees. One billion. A number that sounds actually quite acceptable, right? But was the project really fully implemented? And could it even have been verified how many trees were actually planted? That is exactly what the founders of “I Plant A Tree” asked themselves, without finding a satisfactory answer. The solution: They took matters into their own hands and make their own contribution to protecting the climate.

Sustainable forestry from Halle, Germany

The concept of “I Plant A Tree” is simple and direct. Companies, schools, NGOs and private individuals donate a certain amount to the company, thus enabling a tree to be planted in the region. The focus here is on sustainable forestry with natural mixed forests that emerge in Germany. Only in this way the employees can ensure the long-term protection of the trees and, i.a. make sure that in the woods isolated glades are left to preserve or resettle rare species.

❞ We want to participate actively in climate protection. That’s why HOLY TRINITY plants a tree for every new employee and every design lamp sold. ❝

Since 2007, more than 310,000 trees have been planted. By 2019, already 14,000 have been added. In this way, the company not only promotes the preservation of forests, but also contributes significantly to climate protection: a tree binds CO2 in the long term by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing valuable oxygen into the environment instead. With 30,000 trees planted, nearly 22,000 tons of CO2 could be bound by “I Plant A Tree” in 2018. For comparison: According to surveys of the Federal Statistical Office, traffic in Germany in 2017 caused almost 115 million tonnes of emitted CO2. That means, even if “I Plant A Tree” has already achieved a positive development, there is still plenty of room for improvement. So we want to participate more actively in climate protection as well. That’s why we’re donating four euros of the retail price for every design lamp we’ve sold and every new employee to plant a new tree – hoping to get more people excited about such a great project.


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