Trendy, more trendy, terrazzo?

Design is constantly changing, new trends are coming, old trends are disappearing. What we notice again and again: Interior trends are rarely reinvented. We suddenly recognize things that have remained in our memories from childhood. In the shop windows we discover the clothes of the parents from the family album and in architecture magazines we discover those floors that decorated the home of our parents in the 70s. Let’s talk about terrazzo.

What does Terrazzo mean?

In ancient times Terrazzo was first used as a floor covering, later en masse installed in the most impressive palaces in Italy. The material of lime or cement, which is traditionally mixed with fine rock splinters, was constantly reinterpreted during its heyday in the Renaissance and further developed over centuries. In the post-war period, functionality was superior to quality, which meant that terrazzo floor coverings were laid mainly as a finished, polished format board (and not manufactured as usual in manufacturing work). The result: Terrazzo soon became a dusty mass product. Various designers and architects felt this was not justified and helped the characteristic flooring to a new upswing. Today, the chips are made of marble, quartz, granite or even glass and then embedded in a matrix of concrete or epoxy resin. The chips can be arranged in any shape, color and size, which leads to a variety of design options. Terrazzo is therefore no longer used only in stairwells and entrance halls, but also serves as a subtle contrast element in the kitchen, bathroom and dining room.

❞ Today, terrazzo is no longer used only in stairwells and entrance halls, but also serves as a subtle contrast element in the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. ❝

Terrazzo as an interior trend: Our favorites

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