Every year, when Christmas is over and the last days of December are ahead of us, we write them down, announce them to our friends and to ourselves. Our New Year’s resolutions for the coming year. Many New Year’s resolutions. Usually even a long list of things that we finally want to do better in the new year. But what motivates us to ponder new resolutions every year that we don’t keep in the end? Is it because of the magic of the turn of the year, which is eager to try to draw a line behind the almost past year? Or is it much more the society that regularly reminds us that maybe we just need a good reason, some kind of visual drive, to finally implement our plans?

What do New Year’s resolutions stand for?


Over the years we have perfected it to provide all sorts of metaphorical approaches to the turn of the year. The chance to do everything better. The chance to look at yourself and everything around you from a new perspective. To change bad habits. To maintain traditions. Maintain relationships. Or simply put yourself in the center of attention. At the end of a year, we also come to the end of the chapter on which we have written diligently throughout the year. Time for something new, time for a new chapter, we think at the latest when the first champagne cork rings towards the ceiling on New Year’s Eve. Time for change.

And despite all the determination with which we look forward to the new year, we always feel a little uneasy, maybe even fear, when we think of the blank pages of our new chapter. Afraid we couldn’t fill the chapter. Fear of not meeting your own demands. Afraid we might even change to the negative. Change is exactly what we aim for in our resolutions. Whether positive or negative, without change we cannot grow, we cannot develop, we cannot broaden our horizons. Without change there is no progress that we actually long for. We want to go on. We want to leave old habits behind and develop new ones.

What motivates us to ponder new resolutions every year that we don’t keep in the end?

So we clink glasses. Every year when Christmas is over and the last days of December are ahead of us. We toast while the New Year is greeted in the background, slightly blurred. We toast to old friends and past experiences, to new experiences and wrong decisions, to the right way. We clink glasses and promise to do everything better from today.

Why we still need New Year’s resolutions


Really this time, we swear. But do we really believe ourselves? Do we really believe that we live more consciously from today? Enjoy more? Do sports more often or pay more attention to nutrition? We don’t know it. Maybe in the end it doesn’t matter whether we believe our New Year’s resolutions. Maybe we only need the long list with all the plans, wishes and goals to find our drive. To keep going and not give up when it was difficult for a year. So maybe we just need the possibility that we can draw a line at the end of the year and conclude with negative experiences.

Maybe we just need the opportunity to fill a new chapter at the end of the year. Maybe now and then we have to make a fresh start to break through our eternal circle, to think ahead and to grow. So maybe we shouldn’t judge New Year’s resolutions per se. Because maybe it’s not about sticking to resolutions. Maybe it’s more that we have resolutions at all. That we don’t give up, we look ahead. In a new year. Another year in which we don’t do enough sport. Eat too unhealthy. Stop too little and expect too much from us. But another year in which we exist, breathe, live. Another year we’re here.

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