In January, we decided to read more. Twelve books by the end of the year, one per month. Meanwhile, August is coming and what can we say. Our intention did not work. Just two books have made it from the nightstand back to the bookshelf. Nine books are as untouched as they were at the beginning of the year when we chose our favorites for the year. The tenth is open. It lays next to the bed. “The history of bees” by Maja Lunde – a 500-page novel about the history of three completely different families, connected in a special way. And it is opened on page 448.

The euphoria of the summer 

448 pages that we had read in the past four weeks. Mostly on the balcony or in the garden, always with a glass of ice-cold lemonade in hand. The one or the other time in front of a café, as our date was late. At every opportunity, the book was ripped from the depths of the bag. A little ritual that has become one of our favorites in the past 28 days. And we already have the feeling that the quality of life has increased enormously. We have become a little more productive, more euphoric, more active. Why is that? Many of the author’s words stuck in our heads, wanted to be considered and questioned, caused astonishment and sometimes met with incomprehension. No matter in which way, when a book really captivates and touches us, it also changes our everyday lives. It sharpens our senses and allows us to perceive things more intensively than we previously could. It opens a new world for us that we can design ourselves with our imagination. A world that drives us to continue learning, thinking, feeling. Maybe it’s true that you only have to discover a really good book to read ten more. And maybe in the end we still will succeed in putting our project into action. 

Five amazing books for 2019

And to start with, there are five great books here that will not only brighten our summer:


//1 Ingrid Noll – Goldschatz

//2 Ferdinand von Schirach – The Collini Case

//3 Mariana Leky – What You Can See From Here

//4 Juli Zeh – Empty Hearts

//5 Benedict Wells – The End of Loneliness


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