The prize that makes success visible

The German Design Award aims to recognize products and concepts, as well as their designers and manufacturers, that open up new paths and perspectives, and thereby influence the international design landscape. It’s about extraordinary ideas, unpredictable approaches and innovative projects that have the potential to set new design trends and advance the industry in the long term. With RIMA’s unique technology and design, we have won the jury over yet again. The award ceremony took place on February 8th in conjunction with the Ambiente trade show in Frankfurt. We were thrilled to accept our prize for»« in person in Frankfurt.

Beaming faces and pure pride

“Promoting good design and design talent has always been a key task for the German Design Council,” commented managing director of the council, Andrej Kupetz, on the award ceremony. With over 1600 invited guests from business, politics and the media, it is decidedly no small gathering. It is not yet 2 pm as the guests begin to flood into the Frankfurt fairgrounds for the ceremony. They’ve been looking forward to this ceremony since October, when the prize winners of the 2019 German Design Award were announced. Among the award recipients are all of those whose submissions met or surpassed the extensive and rigorous requirements of the 46 expert jury members — including the HOLY TRINITY® team. Though only winners of the GOLD award were invited on stage to receive their award, the contagious energy filled the entire hall and every guest with a sense of pride and joy.

© German Design Council (Photos: Daniel Banner / Manuel Debus)

Extraordinary ideas and unpredictable approaches

The German Design Award is presented in three categories – “Excellent Communications Design”, “Excellent Product Design” and “Personality of the Year”. Following the award ceremony, all winning products and design concepts were presented in public exhibitions. The winners in the category “Excellent Communications Design” will be featured until February 24th, 2019 at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. The winners of the award in “Excellent Product Design” were exhibited at the Ambiente trade fair in the Galleria Nord of Messe Frankfurt. In addition to brands such as Vitra, Villeroy & Boch, WMF and Sonos, our RIMA was interactively accessible to the over 140,000 visitors of the trade fair.

© Manuel Debus

© Manuel Debus

Excellent Product Design

“When it comes to trends, I see one thing above all else here: It’s getting more and more digital, in many areas.” According to Dina Gallo, head of design management at TRUMPF and jury member of the German Design Awards, making technology a human experience is a big topic in today’s design world. Out of over 5400 submissions, the jury chose 50 that meet the criteria for the award. RIMA not only impressed the jury on a visual level, but also because through the unique technology that makes light a tangible and emotional experience in everyday life.

Personality of the Year 2019

Peter Schmidt, born in Bayreuth in 1937, »represents the epitome of holistic brand staging«, according to the German Design Council, which awarded him the 2019 prize for “Personality of the Year”. Although there are many who would not recognise his name, there is probably no one who doesn’t know him by the logos, packaging or products that bear his signature: Apollinaris, Jil Sander, Joop, Harper’s Bazaar – to name a few. »Peter Schmidt enables brands to dance like a choreographer, transforming them into icons. He knows how to give them an incomparable identity that reflects the spirit of the times, yet is timeless,” the press release continues. His iconic design for a perfume bottle by Jil Sander even made it to the New York Museum of Modern Art.

© Dominik Odenkirchen

The German Design Council

The German Design Council was founded in 1953 with the goal of integrating Germany back into the international design scene. The German Design Council began recognizing young design talent in 1969, with the bestowal of the Federal Prize for »Good Design«. Herbert Ohl, the council’s technical director from 1974 until 1982, developed 768 criteria for evaluating world-class design, many of which are still used today as a standard for award contests. In the early 2000s, international competition began to intensify; companies began to look for new ways to make their products and services irreplaceable to consumers. Today, design and functionality play a crucial role in customers buying habits, which has led to increased interest in awards such as the German Design Award and German Brand Award.

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