Our design lights at the ORGÆNIC Salon in Dresden

When it comes to the ORGÆNIC Salon in Dresden, calling it a simple hair salon would be a massive understatement. Anyone who’s ever caught a glimpse of the façade with its memorable lettering in the Dresdner Neumarkt knows exactly what we’re talking about. The ORGÆNIC Salon represents holistic aesthetics and a unique life view. And what suits this philosophy better than a lighting concept that emits minimalist elegance? True to the motto “by Dresdners for Dresdners”, six of our HOLY TRINITY® design lights enhance the relaxing atmosphere of the ORGÆNIC Salon.

400 square metres of modern elegance

The flagship store of couple Petra Brockmann and Thomas Brockmann-Knoedler is located on the upper floors of Dresden’s most beautiful shopping arcade and offers a picturesque view of the Frauenkirche, which alone would make it worth a visit. But the view is not the reason the ORGÆNIC Salon has been among the best salons in Germany for years.

The innovative and contemporary concept of the ORGÆNIC Salon goes beyond the commonplace notion of what a salon is. Anyone expecting something pompous and extravagant will be surprised to find instead, 400 square metres of retail space that testify to the company’s modern flair and elegance, while simultaneously ensuring an atmosphere of well-being and inner peace. After entering, the customer leaves everyday worries behind and can fully relax.

© ORGÆNIC Salon Dresden

❞ Only unique and authentic hairstyling creates authentic beauty. ❝

— Petra Brockmann and Thomas Brockmann-Knödler

Beauty as a holistic concept

At the ORGÆNIC Salon luxury means treating hair like a living being and giving it the individual attention and care that it needs. The ability to see each person as an individual and to know what exactly that individual needs is at the core of the organic philosophy. With specially developed technologies of ORGÆNIC Haircutting, ORGÆNIC Haircoloring and their very own product series, the salon team can deliver a cut and style that is authentic and consistently high in quality.

© ORGÆNIC Salon Dresden

Feel-good moments in the right lighting

Just like the ORGÆNIC Salon, HOLY TRINITY® stands for aesthetic design and an appreciation of the finer things in life. “These modern design lights blend into our rooms so subtly that they hardly look like lighting fixtures.” Instead, they give the impression of a deliberately selected design element, explains Petra Brockmann, owner of the ORGÆNIC Salon. With its warm-white LEDs the pedant lamp, KALA, ensures sufficient brightness at each of the stylishly furnished wash stands:

❞ Our customers should leave their everyday worries at the door. The artful motion of turning on the light, is like a metaphor that with hair care, a break for relaxation is beginning.  ❝

— Petra Brockmann

The day spa area requires a functional, but also aesthetically pleasing lighting concept that complements the atmosphere of the available rooms and lends to the aura of relaxation. RIMA’s punctual light supports delicate and precise manicure work without being intrusive. The special interface of the lamp, again, invites the customer to succumb to the process of finding inner peace.

Additionally, the special concept as a light for the workplace promotes the work processes of hairdressers and beauticians. The targeted colour and intensity of the light improves concentration and is also an environmentally friendly lighting choice. “That’s just one of many reasons, but an important reason why our colleagues and partners are just as enthusiastic about the lights,” answered Petra Brockmann when asked if she would recommend our lights (after a simple “yes” of course).

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