Trade fair, party and concert all in one

For months already, the 7thof May has been marked in the calendars of our Marketing team. With great anticipation, we awaited the Online Marketing Rock Stars trade fair in Hamburg – a trade fair, party and concert all in one, explaining its title as “THE Online Marketing Festival.”  OMR has been the biggest event in the industry for years, the event where all the stars of the digital scene mingle year after year. Our marketing assistant, Justine, has just finished her second visit to the OMR Festival and shares some of her impressions of two exciting days at OMR.

❝ Early Tuesday morning – and I mean very early – I stood at Dresden Central Station, coffee and pretzel in hand, waiting to meet up with the rest of the team and begin our trip to the Hanseatic city.❞

Online Marketing and festival culture

We set the plan for the rest of our first day on the train: after arriving in Hamburg we wanted to get to the trade fair as soon as possible, as not to miss the meetings and seminars awaiting us. 

We arrived at the fairgrounds, checked our luggage and coats and jumped right into the tumult. The OMR is a quirky mix of traditional trade fair and a not-so-traditional festival – whatever ‘traditional’ even means. To make the spectacle easier to visualise, just think of this as the rough blueprint: two huge exhibition halls filled with booths and even more people, plus additional halls for conferences, masterclasses and, to top it off, the big party at night. Between the halls there is something like a food market– one that many “real” food markets could learn a thing or two from. The moment you walk in the door, something is different about this trade fair –it’s bigger, younger, more modern. The whole atmosphere is more exciting. Perhaps because the industry is dominated by relatively young people with a new kind of energy.

Networking and endless topics of conversation

52.000 visitors – and us right in the middle. It feels more like a big party, where everyone talks to everyone about what’s happening and what is coming. Networking, as they say today. You learn so much, that after just an hour, your head is spinning (in a good way!) trying to absorb it all. At the end of the day, having expanded my horizons, swapped a number of business cards and talked to many incredibly interesting people, I felt great.

❝ It feels more like a big party, where everyone talks to everyone. ❞

Storytelling and Content Marketing


I also collected many new impressions during the various workshops and master classes that were offered in conjunction with OMR. Topics such as content and influencer marketing, social media and e-commerce strategies were high on the agenda. These topics were analysed and discussed on the big stages by down-to-earth stars such as bestselling author Yuval Noah Harari, YouTuber and musician Fynn Kliemann, Joko Winterscheidt and Oliver Reichert, CEO of Birkenstock. It was incredibly exciting, but also very interesting to see topics of everyday working life from new perspectives.
Particularly in the social media branch, striking ad campaigns are taking the back seat. Instead, creating new content has added real value for customers. Storytelling and content marketing are the magic words for any good social media strategy nowadays. It’s about telling product stories that inspire and sweep customers away into an exciting new world. In the end, it’s not the product itself that sits in the limelight, rather the customer, who can now identify with a product or brand on a new level.
We sat out the party on Tuesday evening and went for a relaxed dinner with our colleagues instead. On Wednesday morning we checked out a few master classes – including Adobe – before heading back to Dresden in the afternoon. In retrospect, it was once again an incredibly exciting and fun two days, with many new contacts, impressions and topics of conversation, to take back with me.

Photos © OMR


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