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As the world’s most renowned design competition, the Red Dot Design Award has honored exceptional products and design concepts for over 60 years. For this reason, the Red Dot has become one of the most coveted quality seals in the design world and is awarded yearly in the fields Product Design, Communication Design, and Design Concept. The Red Dot Award: Design Concept recognizes the best product of tomorrow, a product which persuades through its uniqueness and innovation.

Just after being recognized in 2010 for RIMA, we won the coveted Award for Design Concept a second time in 2017 with VARA. Through the combination of its modular build and digital control, we were able to make light emotionally perceptible via Smartphone. With just the tap of a finger or through voice control, VERA creates unique lighting effects that can be saved and called up later. Additionally, the intelligent system allows the user to regulate energy consumption, facilitating sustainability.

The presentation of the award took place on October 18, 2017, at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore and was open to the public for the first time. We are proud to be honored by such a renowned organisation and to have been able to personally accept this prize.


The German Brand Award makes brand successes visible in a special way. It distinguishes first and foremost German companies, which stand out for their brand competence and high quality. The criteria for the coveted award are communicated openly. The prerequisite for participation is the nomination by the German Brand Institute and its expert panel.

In its second year of distinction, the organization behind the award has created a network of more than 315 million contacts. The winners’ gala in Berlin offers an excellent opportunity to network with other successful companies. In 2017 we were able to convince the jury of the unique idea behind Holy Trinity and to bring the award home from Berlin to Dresden.


Together with AVANGA Filmproduktion GmbH & Co. KG, we have produced an image film for our VARA luminaire. The film not only inspired us, but also convinced the jury of the WorldMediaFestival. In the summer of 2017, we were able to secure another important award with the Intermedia Globe Gold Award in the category “Sales Promotion: Investor Relationship”.

The WorldMediaFestival is an international communications competition that recognizes outstanding projects in corporate film, television, web and print. The prize was first awarded in 2000 and has since become increasingly important in the film industry. The festival takes place in Hamburg in May and offers exciting events on industry trends. In addition, media professionals, creative makers, and publishers meet there from around the world.


The “German manufacturers” produce globally esteemed products, predominantly by hand, in Germany. Although these companies are often small, they have nevertheless elevated the importance of craftsmanship and together seek to inspire people with their work. To this end, the Bremen Association has set the goal of promoting traditional and high-quality products, supporting the tradition of hand work and ensuring that qualified trainees continue the tradition. Since 2010 the association has also bestowed an annual award, the “Manufactory Product of the Year,” to the most outstanding products.

In 2017, we were honored with this special prize in the category “Innovation and Functionality” for our high-quality table lamp, RIMA.


The Usability Design Awards are for electronic and digital products, services and concepts characterised by their user-friendliness and one-of-a-kind user experience. The jury nominates a limited number of participants from the entire application pool to be admitted to the competition. Casting a vote for the UX Design Award in the”Public Choice”category is open to the general public, including all visitors to the IFA. This gives the users the opportunity to award one of  the nominated concepts with the Public Choice Award.

In 2012 we won over the visitors of the IFA with RIMA. The special, almost magical lighting experience RIMA gives its users allowed us to take home the Public Choice Award.


“Sustainability through design – Accountability for the future” is the slogan of the Saxon State Prize for Design, which is awarded yearly in the categories Product Design, Communications Design, and Upcoming Designers, as well as a special prize for Social Design. The award is intended to recognize Saxon companies who captivate through exceptional products and service. Particular emphasis is placed on a high level of innovation, appropriate implementation of materials, design quality, and sustainability. The jury is made up of national design experts chosen by the Saxon minsters for economics, employment, and transportation.

In 2012, RIMA was awarded the honorable prize. The trophy was exclusively designed by the Staatlichen Porzellan-Manufaktur Meißen GmbH, with whom we have worked successfully with for several years.


In 2011 Holy Trinity did it – at that time still under the name DREIPULS – to be named among the top 10 lights of the year with RIMA. The prize will be awarded through the trade magazine “Highlight,” where an extensive report on the winners will be published.

Every year a selection of lights from previously submitted proposals and submissions is assembled. Internet users can then vote for their favorite from this list. As an award decided purely by the public, “Light of the Year” has a very special status among the design prizes.

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