Jennifer Lachky

Managing Director – The tough mudder

Jennifer Lachky started her career at HOLY TRINITY® as Head of Marketing – a passion that she realized only years after completing her apprenticeship as a commercial assistant. In the meantime, she occupies the executive chair in the office and ensures that HOLY TRINITY® climbs further up the international ladder of success. To continue her love of marketing, Jennifer also focusses on developing new advertising strategies and marketing campaigns.

Is there any kind of free time with two management positions? Jennifer does not worry about that. Instead, she prefers to use the time to travel through Europe with the self-built minibus or to power herself up while exercising. The latter is the best way for Jennifer to overcome her limitations. That’s why she has twice participated in the extreme obstacle course Tough Mudder – and once again proved how tough she really is.


Justine Büschel

Marketing Assistant – the soccer player

Justine Büschel just wanted to do an internship during the semester break to help her decide what she wants to do after her bachelor’s degree. But she enjoyed her time at HOLY TRINITY® so much, that she’s been helping Jennifer Lachky keep a cool head in the office as Marketing Assistant for over two years now. In addition to her master studies in Corporate Media, Justine Büschel authors new blog entries and texts for press relations, and supports Jennifer Lachky in marketing campaigns.

Since Justine was little, she has shared her father’s enthusiasm for soccer. For eight years she has been kicking as a member of the women’s team in her hometown.

Tobias Sandek

Sales Representative – The Surfer

Tobias Sandek has been based in sales for seven years now. After working for a major US technology company, he found a new challenge with HOLY TRINITY® in the summer of 2019. As a sales representative, he supports our customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is on the road at the major design fairs in Europe and presents our products in the best possible light.

Even privately Tobias Sandek likes to travel around the world. By now he was in 15 countries; the only continent he has not been able to remove from his list is South America. What must not be missing on his travels: his surfboard. Despite the desire to travel, he is always drawn back home. No wonder he always emphasizes how proud he is of being a Dresdner.

Stefan Melzig

Construction & Production – the motorcycle aficionado, with 5 bikes of his own

Stefan Melzig is responsible for ensuring that our crazy ideas can be realized. As a constructor, Stefan Melzig develops prototypes for new luminaires and ensures that models can eventually be made into production-ready products – from the technical drawing to the finished product.

In the office, Stefan Melzig is a calming presence in every situation. He also handles all the manual work around the office. Whether it’s fixing the coffee machine or assembling furniture, Stephan makes sure that everything is running smoothly in the office. After work, Stefan Melzig prefers to tinkering with his own machines. A passionate motorcyclist, he has five bikes in his garage.

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