Alexander Hahn


Alexander Hahn revolutionised the lighting industry with the founding of the Deutsche Lichtmiete: an Oldenburg-based company, offering business clients rental models, which cover all lighting services and increasingly address sustainability issues in the industry.

His excellent business sense and sensitivity to environmental issues have brought Alexander Hahn together with the light manufacturer, HOLY TRINITY in recent years. He was immediately fascinated by the ideas and mission at HOLY TRINITY and sealed the deal for acquisition of the Dresden-based company in 2016. Since then, Alexander Hahn has been steadily promoting the growth of Deutsche Lichtmiete’s affiliate, HOLY TRINITY, and ensuring continuous progress on the road towards sustainability in lighting.

Marco Hahn

General Manager – the record collector

On Marco Hahn’s resume one well-known company follows the next. For many years, Marco worked in the management at Sigma, Nikon and Samsung, until he decided to join his brother’s company in the summer of 2014. As a studied economist and marketing specialist, he  successfully built up the marketing and sales branches at Deutsche Lichtmiete. Additionally, Marco Hahn works as Managing Director for HOLY TRINITY and focuses particularly on ensuring that the numbers are correct and that the company achieves international success.

Marco Hahn has already fulfilled his dream to run the New York City Marathon. Since then, he focuses more on his second favorite hobby. With great passion, he continues to expand his record collection, which includes special recordings from the Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pearl Jam.

Jennifer Lachky

Head of Marketing & Branch Manager – A Tough Mudder

True to the motto “better late than never,” Jennifer Lachky discovered her passion for Marketing only after completing her first occupational training. Now she is fully immersed in the world of Marketing and, as the Marketing Director at HOLY TRINITY, is responsible for the development of new advertising strategies and marketing campaigns, as well as keeping HOLY TRINITY’s social media channels updated with new content. So that she can pursue her love of Marketing even outside of the office, Jennifer also works as a lecturer for the IHK, where she can pass on her knowledge and passion to up-and-coming marketing talents.

Jennifer Lachky has already demonstrated her team mentality and perseverance at the Tough Mudder. The 18-kilometer obstacle course – predominantly through mud – would push any participant to the limit, but the cold beer at the end makes it all worthwhile.

Stefan Melzig

Construction & Production – the motorcycle aficionado, with 5 bikes of his own

Stefan Melzig is responsible for ensuring that our crazy ideas can be realized. As a constructor, Stefan Melzig develops prototypes for new luminaires and ensures that models can eventually be made into production-ready products – from the technical drawing to the finished product.

In the office, Stefan Melzig is a calming presence in every situation. He also handles all the manual work around the office. Whether it’s fixing the coffee machine or assembling furniture, Stephan makes sure that everything is running smoothly in the office. After work, Stefan Melzig prefers to tinkering with his own machines. A passionate motorcyclist, he has five bikes in his garage.

Justine Büschel

Marketing Assistant – the soccer player

Justine Büschel just wanted to do an internship during the semester break to help her decide what she wants to do after her bachelor’s degree. But she enjoyed her time at HOLY TRINITY so much, that she’s been helping Jennifer Lachky keep a cool head in the office as Marketing Assistant for over half a year now. In addition to her studies in Communication Sciences, Justine Büschel authors new blog entries and texts for press relations, and supports Jennifer Lachky in marketing campaigns.

Once she has completed her Bachelor’s degree, Justine Büschel want to begin her studies for a Master’s in Marketing. Since she was little, she has shared her father’s enthusiasm for soccer. For eight years she has been kicking as a member of the women’s team in her hometown.

Melanie O´Neill

Trainee – Die Opernliebhaberin

Im Rahmen ihres Musikstudiums an der Boston University absolvierte die gebürtige US-Amerikanerin im Frühjahr 2013 ein Auslandssemester in Dresden, das ihre Zukunft nachhaltig prägen sollte. Nachdem sie einige Jahre als Assistentin der künstlerischen Leitung in der Washington National Opera in Washington DC tätig war, fand Melanie, dass die Zeit reif für eine Veränderung sei. Also packte sie kurzerhand ihre Sachen und zog zurück nach Dresden. Bei HOLY TRINITY begann Melanie zunächst als Praktikantin, bis sie sich entschied, hier eine Ausbildung zur Kauffrau für Marketingkommunikation zu beginnen. Die neu erlernten Inhalte kann sie dabei gleichzeitig in eigenen Projekten im Unternehmen anwenden und vertiefen.

Auch wenn Melanie der Musik beruflich mittlerweile den Rücken gekehrt hat, ist die Oper nach wie vor ihre große Leidenschaft. Deshalb versucht sie, möglichst viele Stücke in anderen Ländern zu sehen – in verschiedenen Sprachen, mit verschiedenen Sängern, in verschiedenen Inszenierungen. Für Melanie ist das Schönste daran, dass sie nie die gleiche Vorstellung zweimal sieht.

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