Moritz Grossmann in Glashütte crafts each watch as a Gesamtkunstwerk – clear in design, advanced in mechanics and perfect in performance. As the manufacturer at the center of watchmaking, Grossmann manufactures not only the intricate clockwork, but also clock hands in their own factory. From sketches to the final product, everything remains within traditional business. For an individual presentation of the timeless Grossmann watches, we have made two of our design luminaires available to the company.

The table lamp, RIMA, has accompanied Grossmann since 2013 to many international trade fairs and insures that the watches are perfectly lit. Grossmann presented with our lights most recently at Baselworld, the world’s largest watch trade show.

The Brockmann and Knoedler Salon and flagship store next to
Dresden’s Frauenkirche is a global institution. The salon is in all aspects an emblem and haven for the organic and offers exclusive services, including special wellness, beauty and spa programs. OrganicHairCutting®, OrganicHairColoring® and Organic Lifestyle® were developed here at Brockmann and Knoedler with standards of the highest quality in the hairdressing industry.

Properly showcasing this individual hair-styling philosophy is a matter of course for Petra Brockmann and Thomas Brockmann-Knödler. HOLY TRINITY’s four KALA pendant lamps and two RIMA table lamps create a special feel-good atmosphere and brightness that is on point.

The Factory Berlin is a place for young, international entrepreneurs, where contact networks can be expanded, forward-thinking ideas developed and milestones achieved. The business club brings a new generation of creative minds together in the heart of Berlin. Among Factory Berlin’s members are successful start-ups, such as Soundcloud, Uber and Zendesk. In keeping with the company’s philosophy, the building’s construction offers room for creativity.

With our high-quality, timeless design lights, we see to an innovative lighting of the varying work and office spaces that provides ample freedom for thought. During the building phase, a total of 30 RIMA table lamps, 20 KALA pendant lamps and 9 AREA under-cabinet lights were installed.

Poggenpohl is considered the oldest and most renowned kitchen manufacturer in the world. For 120 years, the company has followed the vision of founder Friedemir Poggenpohl, who saw it as his mission “to make the kitchen better.” With passion and love for design, Poggenpohl constantly tried to redefine the kitchen and, over a century, succeeded in transforming a modest backroom into the central point of the house. Poggenpohl campaigned with excellent technical knowledge, materials of the highest quality, precise handwork and trend-setting design.

Suitable for the high demands on every kitchen, our two KALA pendant lights support the showroom in Radebeul and provide a stunning presentation of a sophisticated kitchen.

Since its founding in 1710, quality has been the number one priority at the Meissen Porcelain Factory. As before, the company remains true to its standards and ensures premium quality during the manufacturing process of fine figures and hand-painted ornaments.

Since 2015 we have supported the presentation of these extraordinary porcelain creations with our RIMA table lamp in the Frankfurt showroom.

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