Our aim is to be the leading brand for interactive design lamps with an extraordinary user experience.


The client-product-relationship is the core of our strategy.

Aesthetics, fascination and intelligence are the essence of our technologically innovative products, which are distinguished by their excellent design, high-quality materials and precise workmanship.


We produce unique design lamps with the aim of creating both visual beauty and a sensory experience.

Aesthetics is the search for beauty. As aesthetic beings, we feel everything that touches our senses, thus, the pursuit of harmony is paramount. We want to be in harmony with our environment and foster our well-being with positive surroundings. With clear lines and high-quality materials, we combine minimalistic design with a sensory experience. This aesthetic unity, brings a feeling of harmony and well-being to the daily lives of our customers.


We create a fascinating world that combines timeless design with the interplay between light and shadow.

We build fascination by interpreting light and shadow anew and turning lighting into a special experience. Through unique operating concepts and simple, elegant movements, our customers can decide where light and shadow arise. In combination with a timeless and elegant design, we create a new world, that raises the human-product-relationship to a new level.


We combine modern technology with familiar human gestures.

Our design lamps captivate not only through their elegance and timeless design, but also through their interface. We use familiar human gestures and reinterpret them in our inventive user interface. Modern technology allow our customers an innovative way to manipulate light and shadow. Through interactive systems, we have formed the basis for a deeper relationship between customer and product, characterized by intelligence and innovative development.

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