Licht und Schatten

The perfect lighting

Beautiful lighting must be planned We can’t say it enough. Light is pivotal to our mood, well-being and the atmosphere we create around us, and yet its importance is constantly underestimated. That being said, creating great lighting is no easy task. A...

Bringing light into the darkness

5 really good reasons to look forward to the fall. That’s it! Late into September, the summer paid us a last visit, showing us her sunny best, but now the autumn is definitively upon us. Falling leaves, early sunset and the telltale, yet elusive scents of...

How to create Hygge

Was bedeutet Hygge eigentlich? Hygge hier, Hygge da. Das dänische Phänomen ist momentan präsenter denn je - ob in Magazinen, Blogs oder Büchern. Und alle scheinen plötzlich nur noch eines zu wollen: Hygge selbst erleben. Aber was steckt eigentlich hinter...

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