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An exercise in minimalism We all know it. The good old morning scenario; the everyday feeling of having nothing to wear while the wardrobe is actually bursting at the seams. And even if we opt for an outfit, we mostly are rarely fully satisfied with our...

Does cleaning out really make you happy?

What you actually gain from a (more) minimal lifestyle Ever since Marie Kondo decluttered the houses of Californian couples in her Netflix series "Clean up with Marie Kondo", the trend of minimalism has also manifested itself in our minds. But in the age...

5 Steps to transition to a minimalist lifestyle

With these steps, letting go becomes easier. There are some belongings that are just hard to part with. Many things bring back nostalgic memories or have a special meaning to us, so instead of disposing of these items, we put them all in a box, which we...

Simple living

Minimalism can refer not only to architecture, music, and art but also a way of life that is simple and uncomplicated. The focus of this lifestyle is on the liberation of one's own personality. It's about new visions and focusing on the truly important things in life....

Keep it simple: Interior

On your next trip to Ikea, keep away from the countless, unnecessary scented candles, pillows and artificial flowers that causally make their way into your shopping cart. Decorations intended to turn your home into a real-life catalogue image will quickly...

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