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Jörn Schlönvoigt is what we call an old hand in showbiz. As an actor, he has been in front of the camera every day for more than 15 years, as well as working as a musician and DJ on the side. The 32-year-old actor is now fulfilling a dream of building his own home. He moves in, together with his wife, Hanna, and daughter, Delia, in the autumn of this year – and so do two of our design lamps, RIMA and KALA.


We visited Jörn Schlönvoigt during a shooting break in Babelsberg and talked to him about the ups and downs of being an actor, his love of design and his fascination with our lights.

Jörn, you were born in Berlin. What do you like best about the city?

Berlin is very diverse. There are many different cultures and influences. That’s what makes the city so interesting and alive for me. As a fan of architecture and design in particular, I feel very at home as a native of Berlin.



You’ve been in front of the camera every day for almost 15 years. How did you get into acting?

My interest in acting began quite early in my school theater, for which I’m still very grateful. Soon it became clear to me that acting could be more than just a hobby for me. My first time in front of a camera was for a music video when I was 15. I was very excited to be on TV for the first time. Then, just in time for my 18th birthday, a dream came true for me – I got a starring role in my favorite series, which I’ve now been playing for over 14 years.


Is there anything like “everyday life” in such an exciting job? And what would a “normal” day look like for you?

In a daily series, there is definitely no everyday life. But that’s exactly what I love about this job– it’s varied, I am constantly coming in contact with new people and it never becomes monotonous.



What do you like most about your job? And least? 

I like that no day is the same any another. There is no classic adjustment process or point at which things become routine – every day you have to prove yourself anew and master new challenges. Of course, there are also things that are less fun, for example, spending 12 hours filming outside in -10 degree weather. But I look forward to a hot bath at home all the more afterwards.



Allow us the question: If you could turn back time, what would you do differently?

I am very happy to say that I wouldn’t do anything differently. In fact, I think we learn the most from poor decisions, bad experiences and failures we’ve overcome.

If you had to describe yourself, are you more of a ‘wait and see’ guy or a doer? Apart from your move, what are your plans for 2019?

I am the classic mix of both types. I think it’s great to push and consistently pursue my goals, but I like to sit on the couch afterwards as well. Create a comfy atmosphere, put my feet up and rest.


Our plans for 2019? In addition to building our house, spending lots of time with the family and traveling.


We just talked about it a little: You are in the middle of building a house. How would you describe your personal interior design style? What is especially important to you for your new house?

Straightforwardness is very important to me – no gimmicks, minimalist yet homely, a mix of modern and old. In planning the house, having large windows and lots of light of high quality is very important to me. I want a durable interior that doesn’t have to be replaced after just a few years.



What is your favorite room and why? Where do you spend the most time?

In the new house there will be a penthouse which serves as a fitness area and relaxation room and is already one of my personal favorites. From up there, the view will be fantastically calming.



You’ve already hinted that you’re an architecture and design fan. Where do you get your inspiration when it comes to interior design?

Definitely through travel. We travel a lot and experience different facets of life and design language. So far that has really inspired us.

And what are your favourite pieces of furniture? Is there a piece that you can no longer live without?

My favourite piece is actually RIMA. I find it incredibly innovative to expand the light precisely to where I need it. This is also a great tool for me when learning texts. I sit down to work in the evening, turn off all the lights except for RIMA, so that I am completely focused on my learning process and won’t be distracted by anything else visually.



How did you first hear about HOLY TRINITY®?

A friend of mine had a RIMA at home and I was immediately fascinated by the design and was constantly playing with the lamp. That was in 2014. Now I’m addicted. Incidentally, RIMA was also my second post on Instagram. Take a look at my profile.



What do you like best about our lights? And which model do you like the most?

The minimalist timeless design, the high quality, the interaction between me and the lamp. No matter what room it’s in, it always fits in well. RIMA and KALA share first place, but each lamp has its own special quality.

We have nothing more to add to that. Jörn, thank you for your time and we look forward to our upcoming cooperation in the months to come.

Images © Jana Schuessler

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