On your next trip to Ikea, keep away from the countless, unnecessary scented candles, pillows and artificial flowers that causally make their way into your shopping cart. Decorations intended to turn your home into a real-life catalogue image will quickly make you ill at ease, with overcrowded shelves and cramped tables.

Make room for new ideas

The logical conclusion: changes must be made. In the best case scenario, the change begins with parting with all the things that bring dissatisfaction. Books or magazines that have already been read, dusty picture frames, holiday souvenirs, old clothes – a spring-cleaning of the old and unwanted will create space for the things that bring you joy.

Less is often more –  that goes for furniture, too.

The principle of weeding out tends to go hand and hand with that of minimalism and these concepts are now found more and more often, not just in chic, old-style apartments with four meter high ceilings in Berlin-Mitte. White walls, hardly any furniture and selective decorations — less is more.

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