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Coming from a cramped, dim office, we have finally moved into our brand new office in the center of Dresden. Our new office with its large, open spaces,  ample natural light, and an impressive view of the Zwinger, is a place where creativity and ambition are inspired; a place where we can broaden and pursue our ideas; a place we want to call home for our brand.

The best way

to predict your

future is to create it.

– Abraham Lincoln

For our office to reflect the vision in our heads, the decor must also fit. In keeping with the minimalist design of our products, we decided on simple, modern furniture that is consistent in itself. From the conference table to the kitchen to the office chairs, each piece of the furniture is individually functional, but also harmonizes as a whole. Piece by piece, everything is coming together and we can hardly wait until our new home looks just as we’ve imagined it.

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