Finally the time has come! Almost two weeks ago, we were proud to hold the first copy of The Great Book of Manufacturers in our hands. This brings an exciting project to its climax. A project that has been with us every day for half a year now. We report on how we experienced the festive book presentation and why the book is so special for us.

Manufactures in the furniture industry


It was only on Friday that we wrote about our visit to imm cologne, about inspiring newcomers, exciting impressions and the issues that are currently moving the furniture industry (link to blog post). In which direction will the industry move in 2020? One thing is certain: the creation of sustainable solutions not only drives politics and society, but also influences the work of the furnishing industry. This is shown not only by large and well-known manufacturers, but above all by smaller manufacturers, which, thanks to the longevity of their products, enable their very own understanding of sustainability. Smaller production quantities and higher quality standards ensure that a product becomes a lifestyle – a lifestyle that is preserved in the long term.

© Peter Johann Kierzkowski for Callwey

Focus on high quality manufacturing


In order to draw consumers’ awareness back to the special characteristics of craftsmanship, the Berlin publicist Olaf Salié (“From the best family”) developed the idea of ​​an illustrated book, which should give the tradition and innovation of smaller manufacturers a platform again. The result of the collaboration between Callwey and the ZEIT-Verlagsgruppe was presented in the middle of Cologne’s trade fair: As part of the book presentations at the Schramm Werkstätten booth, 100 guests were able to closely follow the unveiling of The Great Book of Manufactures – including the HOLY TRINITY team, The illustrated book is devoted to over 250 carefully selected manufacturers from Germany and Austria, their handmade products and makers. HOLY TRINITY is represented in the Living category with a double page that deals with the philosophy of our company and the idea behind our premium design lights. The abstract illustrations support the unique character of the book. This creates a lovingly designed reference book of German manufacturers, that try to create something special every day.

After a short speech by the Cologne trade fair boss Gerald Böse and the festive book presentation, we were able to talk to other manufacturers in an informal atmosphere and exchange ideas about developments in the industry. The event ended with a trade fair party organized by Janua Möbel and Freifrau Sitzmanufaktur. We would like to thank everyone involved in the Callwey publishing house and the ZEIT publishing group for the loving design of the book, Mr. Salié for his trust, and Schramm, Janua and Freifrau for the successful event.

Amazing atmosphere at the subsequent exhibition party / © Peter Johann Kierzkowski for Callwey

The Great Book of Manufacturers is now available online and in stores.

Header image by © Peter Johann Kierzkowski for Callwey


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