Kleine Spielereien mit großer Wirkung…

Es ist längst kein Geheimnis mehr, dass Design und Technik in einem engen Verhältnis zueinander stehen. Überzeugt ein Gerät durch sein außergewöhnliches Design, versagt aber gleichzeitig auf technologischer Ebene, wird es auf Dauer wohl keinen Verkaufserfolg erzielen. Umgekehrt gilt das Gleiche: Eine technologische Innovation wird ohne eine ansprechende Aufmachung kaum den Einzug in unsere Favoritenliste erleben dürfen. Dass sich Technik und Design dennoch vereinen lassen, zeigen wir Ihnen mit unseren sechs liebsten Produkten.

© Hay

1 Samsung Serif 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

The Samsung Serif 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TVis a dream come true for all design fans who prefer a minimalist aesthetic in their homes. The freestanding screen acts almost like a piece of furniture – a sleek and extremely practical piece of furniture at that. Looking past its timeless design, another important selling point of this Smart TV is its simple, user-friendly interface. We’re already excited to put it to use at our next movie night.

2 Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker

The Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker starts the day off right with its innovative functions and quality design. This compact, single-cup machine needs only 25 seconds to boil water, saving valuable time on those hectic mornings, but not at the expense of quality. As if we weren’t already sold on this little espresso maker, Nespresso sealed the deal for us with its exceptional design. A must have for all coffee lovers who want both that last snooze and their morning cup o’ joe.

© The Design Chaser

3 Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9

Following Apple, Samsung and co., Huawei now has a true curve design on the market, too. The Porsche Design Huawei Mate 9 has a practical format, designed to fit the natural shape of the hand. The Leica Summarit dual-lens technology guarantees razor-sharp images, and, thanks to Hybrid Zoom, you’ll be able to focus on even the smallest details– even retroactively! This stylish smartphone can do it all and makes for the perfect business companion.


© Porsche Design

4 HOLY TRINITY Hängeleuchte KALA

The puristic hanging light KALA combines dynamic and design in a groundbreaking new way. Due to an almost invisible mounting fixture, KALA seems to float weightless in the room, allowing the lamp to function as a subtle accent. The lamp’s innovative interface is made up of 4 rings, which the user can slide across the light bar to achieve the desired lighting scenario. We love our KALA and we’re sure you will too!


5 Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 50

The future of sound: with BeoLab 50, Band and Olufsen present the ultimate speaker for a unique musical experience. The high-end active speaker combines innovative sound control technology with a modern design. The speaker’s slim profile makes it a great accent in any room, while simultaneously promising outstanding functionality. We highly recommend it!

© Bang & Olufsen

6 Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

6 Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

6 Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch

With automatic activity and sleep detection, personalised training instructions and music, the Fitbit Iconic Smartwatch encourages a healthier, more active lifestyle. The battery life of at least four days and scratch-resistant display make the Fitbit’s latest model a particularly handy everyday companion. The smartwatch is available in 3 colour combinations, as well as in a special edition by Adidas.

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