Goodbye 2019

The HOLY TRINITY recap of the year

Looking back, 2019 was a year that we could hardly capture in the fast pace of our time. At the end of the year, with a bit of a gap, we can say that we are strengthened from an exciting and at the same time educational year. You can find out what we particularly remember from 2019 and what we are grateful for in our review of the year.

1 Don’t give up – no matter what

Whoever gives up has already lost. We hope that we won’t chase away our readers with such a profound sentence right from the start. Because as pathetic and outdated as the sentence may sound, there is so much truth in it.


2 With patience to the goal

What we also had to learn in 2019: patience is a virtue that not all of us are equally blessed with. However, as in private life, not everything works right the first time, even on an entrepreneurial level. How many times have we revised, changed or literally thrown things – with success. In the end it was (almost always) worth it.



3 Failure is part of life

The problem with failure is that we almost automatically fall into a deep hole that is filled to the brim with self-pity and self-pity. In order to get out of there without damage, only one thing helps, namely the awareness that relapses are part of life and work. Relapses are even important, because this is the only way we can learn from mistakes and do better.

4 It depends on the right team

At HOLY TRINITY, four characters come together every day. Four characters that couldn’t be more different. And although all four characters are in completely different phases of life, even though everyone has their own quirks, we work even better as a team. As is well known, opposites attract each other. Perhaps that is exactly the reason for the special cohesion that we do not want to miss.


5 Creativity comes from inspiration

Very few things work on cramp and under time pressure. But especially in the creative area, we noticed that with time on the back of the neck and an infinite number of items on the to-do list, we were unable to move forward. We therefore want to pause more in 2020. We want to take a deep breath and go outside so that we can find our creativity through new inspirations.

6 Change is important

Even if we are often afraid of change, it is part of the entrepreneurial process. A process of development, growth, progress. With the change of management, which was taken over by Jennifer Lachky in summer 2019, we have taken a decisive step towards the future. The change of position has not only simplified many work processes, but also creates new opportunities and prospects in the long term.


7 Design lives from its surroundings

In the past year, we have often asked ourselves how we experience design and understand what design means to us. At the end of the year, we believe that we have found our definition of design. In our eyes, design stands for progress, for change and the path to a better future. To do that, we need to analyze the world around us. We have to determine what the people around us need. Even if you may not be aware of it yet.

As designers, we see it as our
responsibility to create things that improve everyone’s life and future.

— Richard Sapper, Designer

8 Smart isn’t everything

In a society that is almost dominated by digitization and technological change, this may sound a little naive, almost declining. But it is by no means: Through the modern technologies of our time, through smart living and language assistance, we have forgotten who we really are, where our real skills lie and how we can realize our skills. We want to focus more on the ability to interact with a product. In 2020, we are therefore deliberately moving away from smart control – towards real and noticeable operation.


9 We have to enjoy more

Every time we receive customers or partners in our office, we are almost overwhelmed with hymns of praise. How beautiful the view is. What a great location the office has. We nod gratefully and are proud to have found a place in the heart of our hometown. And we are too, honestly grateful and honestly proud. In hectic office life, however, we often seem to hide the surroundings. We drive through the old town of Dresden in the morning without looking to the left or to the right, have seldom used the lunch menu in one of the surrounding restaurants or spent the break simply walking around the Neumarkt. In 2020 we want to enjoy our city more – without ifs and buts.


10 We are thankful!

In retrospect, 2019 was a year that we could hardly capture in the fast pace of our time. At the end of the year, with a bit of a gap and after intensive recapitulation, we can say that we are strengthened from an exciting and at the same time educational year. What do we particularly remember from 2019? The gratitude with which we treat our environment. That we have loyal partners at our side who accompany us on our way; who have recognized the potential of our products and who are ready to master ups and downs with us. We would like to say thank you to Deutsche Lichtmiete, who is on hand with advice and action and strengthens our backs. We say thank you to reliable partners who accompany us on our way and are ready to master ups and downs with us. And we say thank you to you, dear readers, customers and interested parties. Thank you for your loyalty and support. We look forward to everything that 2020 has in store for you and us.


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