For many years a vacant building next to the magnificent Zwinger Palace and the luxurious Taschenbergpalais was the eyesore of the historic city center – right in the heart of Dresden. The thorough renovation of this allegedly “dead” terrain breathed new life into the previously abandoned building. The glass exterior forms the basis for the building’s structure and leaves one guessing what artistic treasures might lie within.

Art only becomes interesting when we are confronted with something that we cannot fully explain.

Christoph Schlingensief


The concept of the Living House is centered on the idea of DNA as the carrier of genetic material and also makes use of structural elements of the double helix in its design. Represented by luminous glass rods, the DNA strand reaches through the entire architecture of the building and gives the house a very unique character.

The idea of ​​breathing new life into a “dead” building with a unique lighting installation has created a holistic concept, uniting light, colours, sounds and vibrations that span across the entire building, covering more than 150 meters.

The “Holistic Design” by the Viennese artist SHA. aims to bring art into everyday life and provide hectic passersby, tourist groups and locals with a moment to slow down; a moment to pause, feel, and consider.

SHA. creates special sensory spaces for holistic perception that make art visible to everyone. The artist has already participated in more than 300 projects in 35 countries and has won several awards for his unique work.

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