Time flies …

As cliche as it may sound, we have to admit there is a grain of truth to the phrase. It feels like only yesterday that we stood on the banks of the Elbe with friends to ring in the new year. But the fact is, it’s the beginning of July and, once again, half a year has flown by. Time for a quick look back over the past six months here at HOLY TRINITY’s central office …


So that our New Year’s resolutions aren’t immediately set aside to gather dust, we use January for a number of small and major changes. We had to create a new marketing structure, so in the same stroke, we decided to adapt our visual language. Our goal was to create strong images that would make HOLY TRINITY stand out from the crowd. Our ideas regarding this change became clear quickly – images that are clean and to the point, while still surprising and exciting. In contrast with the minimalistic, more subtle construction of the images, we decided on a loud blue accent, to give our images a splash of color and insure our lights a grand presentation. While creating these images, we were able to cooperate with exciting companies, and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Our new home photos


In February, it was off to the other end of the world for three weeks for some of our team members. Though we spent the lion’s share of our time in Australia gathering inspiration for new projects, we didn’t let it stop us from working on our tan a little. Taken by the Australian calm and serenity, we took a little break in Tasmania and enjoyed the last days of the Tasmanian summer to the fullest, before traveling on to Melbourne for another project. We’ve recorded tips on a few attractions you can’t miss and our recommendations on where to eat in the Australian metropolis in a detailed travel guide.


On the calendar in March for our Marketing Team was the Online Marketing Rockstars in Hamburg- trade fair, party and concert all in one. For years, the OMR has been one of the biggest events in the industry – and this year, the organizers topped their attendance record with 40,000 visitors.

40,000 visitors on 65,000 square meters of exhibition grounds – and us in the middle. Most of the time we spent on site with representatives from a variety of companies, making new contacts and exchanging business cards. Networking, as they say today. In retrospect, we had three exhausting, but incredibly exciting and fun days in Hamburg. We made tons of new contacts, and had many interesting impressions and topics of conversation to take home with us. Once back, we hardly even had a moment for a detailed debrief. We just had one word on our minds over the next few weeks – website, website …


… and again website. As the deadline date loomed nearer, our tension increased exponentially. The result –long days and even longer nights in the office, but we would do it all over again. Once the website went live, the butterflies in our stomachs which had been a constant for months, had disappeared. What remained was anticipation. We were eager to hear the reactions and feedback from our community on the new look and feel of HOLY TRINITY. A simple yet coherent layout with recurring design elements, strong images, emotional texts – the design of our website embodies the idea behind HOLY TRINITY and finally presents our luminaires in a fitting light. With our blog we have also created a way to share our thoughts and inspiration with our community, while engaging in a direct exchange with our clients. We will post regular entries on exciting topics that move us in everyday life. Stay excited, there is more to come!


With the successful launch of our website and the all-in-all positive reactions to it, we were able to take a little break in May. We took the opportunity to fulfill a long-awaited dream – two weeks in Cape Town lay ahead. Even on the taxi ride from the airport to our accommodation in the trendy district, Woodstock, it still felt a little surreal that we’d actually arrived in the South African capital. Although the temperatures kept us from spending too much time on the beach, we had an incredibly great and inspiring time in the mother city.

We will always miss Cape Town a little – especially the sunsets over the ocean, the mood among the people, the evenings spent outside with good food and wine, the many unique coffee shops and the view of the mountains.

“The details are not the details.
They make the design.”

– Charles Eames



After the relaunch of our website dominated the last several months and we took a little break in May, life at the office slowly returned to normal in June. We spent much of our time in meetings with our partners, working on new projects and optimizing our new website. The summer temperatures have caused regular heat waves in the office. As an emergency precaution we’ve bought a supply of ice cream, so that we can get through the summer months to come.

Additionally, in June for our first collaboration on our blog, we’ve teamed up with the lovely Sarah of COCO LAPINE DESIGN, whose timeless style we immediately fell in love with. The Belgian designer shares our passion for aesthetics and minimalist design elements with that certain something, which can be seen in the stylish décor of her Munich apartment. We are thrilled how authentically our Rima fits in with the surroundings and can’t get enough of the beautiful pictures from this collaboration.

What’s next?

The second half of 2018 promises not to be boring here at HOLY TRINITY. Beginning in August, our team will grow internationally with Melanie. The US native fell in love with the city on the Elbe during her semester abroad and decided without further ado to move to Dresden after her studies. At HOLY TRINITY she will have the opportunity to spend three years training in Marketing Communication. As of September, Justine’s workspace will be filled daily. After completing her undergraduate studies, our Marketing Assistant, Justine, has be offered a part-time job with HOLY TRINITY for two years – which means she can finally devote more time to the blog and our social media channels. So stay tuned!

In addition to expanding our team, we are also looking to expand our circle of close partners and collaborators. And finally, we look forward to doing more SEO and press work in the future to build the HOLY TRINITY brand even more, as well as another blogger cooperation. We hope you’ll visit our blog to check it out. We’re excited for what lies ahead in the next six months and will bring you a detailed report in December.

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