We dared. At a time when voice assistants and smart home gadgets dominate our everyday lives, we rely on analog operating concepts instead. In the future, we are turning our backs on digitization to open up new paths for the relationship between people and products.

New ways instead of ready-made visions

As a young and innovative company, we see it as our duty to break new ground and thus have a lasting impact on the industry. We want to redefine light and look at it from different perspectives; even if that means breaking existing rules and norms. We want to leave our familiar surroundings to find new perspectives – and motivate others to do the same. We want to escape the constraints of digitization and prove that ‘always on’ cannot be a permanent state of affairs. We cannot sit in front of screens 24 hours a day without affecting our physical and mental health. Instead of relying on our inner voice, we lose sight of the essential; the eye for all the things that bring us joy and energy.

We want to leave our familiar surroundings to find new perspectives – and motivate others to do the same. ❝


That is why it is our goal to focus on what really matters. So instead of jumping on the bandwagon of digital change and joining us with ready-made visions, we are creating our own vision: a deep and, above all, real connection between people and products that is not created by digital stimuli; but is based on fascination, intuition and logic.

Between flexibility and restlessness

For this we use simple human movements, which we bundle and adapt to the control of our design lights. By moving the rings, users interact with our products, deal with possible light settings and consciously decide on a suitable scenario. A relationship arises naturally – far away from digital storylines.

The ‘always on’ mentality of our society creates pressure to succeed, exhaustion and a feeling of being constantly overwhelmed.

We don’t want to curse digitization per se, but we can’t avoid looking at digital change from two perspectives – both a curse and a blessing. Because on the one hand, digitalization provides us with new opportunities to network with one another, to make our lives more flexible, to motivate and inspire each other, and the ‘always on’ mentality on the other hand creates pressure to succeed, exhaustion and the feeling of being constantly overwhelmed. It is not for nothing that the yoga and meditation movement has been experiencing a new upswing for several years. As important as social contacts and flexibility may be in exceptional situations, people strive for inner peace and serenity – a state that is difficult to find in the restlessness of the Internet.


Every light tells a story: VARA

Every light tells a story: VARA

For over four months we have told the stories of our lights. We talked about how the names of our products came to be, what we associate with them and why they mean so much to us. Every single luminaire is something very special for us - an important part...

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