The United States covers a lot of ground and, while there are many great vacation destinations, Boston, MA, is one city you can never go wrong with. A city that is loaded with colonial history and remains a center of culture, Boston has something for every taste. Below are just five must-do activities the city has to offer.

Faneuil Hall / Waterside

Faneuil Hall is one of the city’s oldest marketplaces, and despite the crowds, this historic site is definitely worth a visit. We recommend you grab a bite at one of the vendors in Quincy Market, perhaps some famous New England Clam Chowder, and walk up a few blocks to Columbus Park. Columbus Park has plenty of benches and grassy spots to sit down for a picnic and has a serene view of the waterfront.

Freedom Trail

Walk in the steps of the Founding Fathers on Boston’s Freedom Trail. The trail measures, in full, 4 km and leads you through Boston’s oldest and most important colonial sites. As a self-guided trail, marked by a red-brick path, it is easy to jump on and off the trail. Take a stroll through the blooming gardens of the Boston Common; peek into the colonial house of the famed rider, Paul Revere; and stand on deck of the USS Constitution, known more endearingly to the locals as Old Ironside.

Cambridge / Harvard University

Though Cambridge is technically not a part of Boston, it is just a stone’s throw away and easily accessible by bus or subway. Cambridge is home to the USA’s oldest established university, and arguably one of the most prestigious, Harvard University. Walk through Johnstone gate and view some of the beautiful university facilities located in Harvard Yard, such as the Widener Library, then head north across Cambridge St. and view the imposing Victorian Gothic Memorial Hall.

Prudential Tower View

If you’d like a sweeping panoramic view of the city, there is only one place to get it: The Prudential Center’s Skywalk Observatory. The Prudential Center is the tallest building in all of Boston and offers a viewing observatory on the 50th floor, 213.3 metres from the street. The experience is complete with an audio tour and some of the most spectacular views in the city.

Fenway Park / Red Sox

No visit to Boston is complete without a visit to Fenway Park to see the Boston Red Sox in action. Fenway Park is the oldest major league baseball stadium in the USA, built in 1912, and still maintains much of its old-time charm. As one of the oldest teams, it follows that the Red Sox also have some of the most dedicated fans, making a Red Sox game, the ultimate window into the American pastime.  Grab a beer and a hot dog, sit back, and cheer for them Red Sox!

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